3/13/2000 12:00 PM

Invik & Co. AB is launching a new financial website www.modernfinans.com. The website serves as an entrance to all companies within Invik with activities in the banking and insurance sector. Via modernfinans.com you are linked to simple savings and insurance products with low fees that are targeted to the broad public. Alternatively, you are linked to more qualified products within stock trading, asset management and insurance.

Via modernfinans.com you can start saving in funds with low fees at modernafonder.com. The following index funds are offered:
-Sverige Topp 30 - index fund (equities)
-Sverige Obligation - index fund (bonds)
-Sverige Ränta - index fund (short term interests)

Via modernfinans.com you can take out an insurance policy with low fees at netviq.se. The following insurance policies are offered:

-Householder's comprehensive insurance
-House insurance
-Holiday house insurance

Moreover, via modernfinans.com you can be linked to:

-Försäkrings AB Atlantica
-Fischer & Partners Fondkommission AB
-Modern Privat Kapitalförvaltning MPK AB
-Banque Invik S.A.

- With this first common website for all the companies within Invik with activities in the banking and insurance sector, modernfinans.com is established in order to offer both simple and qualified services to the Swedish market, says Thomas Jönsson Vice President in Invik & Co. AB.

Thomas Jönsson Telephone: 08-562 000 20
Internet: www.invik.nu