Interim Report 1 January - 30 June 2003

8/7/2003 10:30 AM

  • Operating income amounted to SEK 632 (375) million. This figure includes income from corporate development and income from sales of securities of SEK 159 (39) million. Excluding these items, operating income amounted to SEK 473 (336) million.
  • Kinnevik's interest in the earnings of associated companies amounted to a net gain of SEK 113 (loss of 245) million, of which Tele2 AB accounted for a gain of SEK 167 (-) million, Millicom International Cellular S.A. for a gain of SEK 0 (loss of 117) million and Metro International S.A. for a loss of SEK 42 (loss of 98) million.
  • The market value of the Group's holdings of listed securities amounted to SEK 11,274 million at June 30, 2003. On August 6, 2003 the value was SEK 11,859 million, which means that the market value exceeds the book value of the Group's listed portfolio by SEK 4,236 million on that date.