Merger of Transcom AB and Transcom Europe S.A. creates one of Europe's largest callcenter companies

3/20/2000 2:10 PM

Industriförvaltnings AB Kinnevik and SEC (Société Européenne de Communication S.A.) have reached an agreement to merge all of their callcenter operations in Transcom AB and Transcom Europe S.A. This will be effective April 1, 2000. The name of the new company will be Transcom World Wide S.A.
The new organisation will be one of the largest callcenter operations in Europe with operations in 11 countries, namely Sweden, Luxemburg, Norway, Germany, Denmark, France, Finland, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Austria. The present combined operation represents 17 callcenter locations and with the expected organic growth plus expansion into additional European countries, a significant increase in operations will take place already this year.
The new company today employs more than 4,300 persons handling presently over 3 million customer contacts monthly.
The company primarily services the telecommunication, travel & tourism, financial and energy industries.
The driving force in combining these companies is to meet the rising need for customer contact services throughout Europe. Transcom World Wide sets itself apart in its ability to meet this demand by providing native speaking representatives in all of these European countries.
The growth in this industry has been 35-40% per annum and the Transcom companies have by far exceeded this growth rate.
Stockholm, 20 March 2000
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